CS1 Deluxe

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High quality outdoor mounting system for mounting your electric vehicle charger or for providing power for your recreational vehicle.  Designed to provides years of use (using high quality materials such as extruded and machined aluminum, stainless steel, and weather resistant powder coatings).  The ChaseStation is designed to provide some weather protection for the NEMA outlet or your charging system by offering a protective roof that also provides ambient illumination at night (solar powered).  There are also optional stainless hanger rods to hold your electrical cables.  Other options include an 120V weatherproof electrical outlet, different mounting brackets to handle different chargers (more to be developed, please see our list), an optional stainless steel holster.

This is not just a sheet metal housing.  The main body is machined and welded extruded aluminum that is then powder coated to provde a weather resistant finish.  Our optional footer mounting kit will add 4 “J” bolts with nuts and a mounting plate.  The optional roof is removable so that alternate roofs can be added in the future (for different stylings or possibly commercial branding).

Some notes-

  • Roofs are supplied with 4 AA rechargeable batteries that are easily replaced
  • Length of time for the ambient lighting from the roof  to last will depend on the exposure to the sun and the season.  Longer times can be enabled by reducing light output.
  • The supplied illuminated logos on the roof can be supplied using custom logos to match commercial branding in quantity (these are inserted using a custom mold).
  • Alternative styled roofs can be added with our simple mounting process to the main pole
  • The roof is attached using tamper proof hardware
  • The optional NEMA enclosure uses a NEMA 15-40 socket which can be swapped out for other standards
  • You can add one stainless hanger rod on either side


Available in white or black.
All images reflect the CS1-Deluze with options.

Additional information

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions50 × 20 × 12 in