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The ChaseStation Roof is made from high quality materials and a weather resistant powder coating finish.

The roof adds many benefits to the ChaseStation.

Weather- It adds weather protection from sun, rain, and snow.  Even if the charger is designed to be outdoors, many chargers do not recommend exposing the charger to full rain (see Tesla’s Wall Connector installation guide for an example).  The roof helps keep the direct sun (and the heat from the sun) during the middle of the day, from heating up the charger).

Lighting-  The roof adds a built in solar powered lighting system designed to cast a warm glow around the ChaseStation, making it easier to plug in the cable and use your charger at night.  Length of time the ambient lighting will last will depend on your available sun and how exposed the solar cells on top are.  In a parking lot, having the stations lit up will make them easier to locate and use.

Style-  Take the ChaseStation past the basics with a stylish roof.

Avaiable in white or black.
Available with custom illuminated logos to showcase your business, please inquire.

The ChaseStation roof in the snow:

ChaseStation Ambient Lighting



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Weight20 lbs
Dimensions28 × 28 × 12 in